Lainey Boggins Mysteries

Welcome to Aurora Heights, where the scenic mountain views hide secrets all around.

Lainey Boggins is desperate to be a real reporter and to find a story that’s more interesting than a church bake-off. But sleepy little Aurora Heights is hardly the place for murder and mayhem. The biggest story of the week is the opening of a new cat café, which Lainey reluctantly agrees to cover. But when the town’s beloved mayor drops dead at the cafe’s opening, the small town is shocked. His death is ruled an accident, but Lainey isn’t convinced.

Suddenly, Lainey is thrust into a web of lies that she can’t untangle. It turns out that the jolly old mayor wasn’t so jolly after all, and he had a lot more secrets than Lainey bargained for. With the help of Dylan, the cute café owner and even cuter detective, Nick DeLuca, they’re unraveling the mayor’s private life and finding out his secrets. But if Lainey isn’t careful, she could be next.

Summertime in Aurora Heights is busier than ever. Between training for her grandmother’s annual charity “fun run” and a new potential boyfriend, Lainey’s got her hands full.

But, the seniors of Aurora Heights are all in a tizzy when a mysterious old man comes back to town. They call him a liar, a cheat, and a con artist. And when a prominent businessman ends up dead, secrets among the seniors are threatening to be revealed.

Could this mysterious stranger be the one behind this death? More importantly, why don’t Lainey’s friends like her new boyfriend?

All simple questions for Aurora Heights’s new investigative journalist.

Everyone knows ghosts don’t exist. Or do they?

When TV ghost hunters, the Specter Inspectors, show up in Aurora Heights to investigate the town’s most haunted house, Lainey thinks she’s found the perfect story—prove to everyone the show is fake.

But when the star of the show dies during the investigation, Lainey realizes it wasn’t just ghosts that were fake on the show. The cast and the crew all had a reason for wanting him dead.

Now, Lainey must find the secrets hidden in Cedar Hill House to prove what really happened. Because ghosts aren’t real. Right?