Headlines And Hauntings Is Out Now!

Everyone knows ghosts don’t exist. Or do they?

When TV ghost hunters, the Specter Inspectors, show up in Aurora Heights to investigate the town’s most haunted house, Lainey thinks she’s found the perfect story—prove to everyone the show is fake.

But when the star of the show dies during the investigation, Lainey realizes it wasn’t just ghosts that were fake on the show. The cast and the crew all had a reason for wanting him dead.

Now, Lainey must find the secrets hidden in Cedar Hill House to prove what really happened. Because ghosts aren’t real. Right?

Lainey Boggins Mysteries is now available on all retailers!

That’s right! You no longer have to go to Amazon to read Lainey’s adventures. You can now get both Dark Roasted to Death and Bylines and Betrayals on all e-book retailers! The best part? You an request your local library to get a copy!

I’m so excited to make these books TRULY accessible to anyone who wants to read them.

My next book, Headlines and Hauntings, will also be available everywhere!

New Book Coming Soon!

I was hoping to have this out earlier, but life just… well, you know what I mean. I’m so excited to announce that Headlines and Hauntings, Book 3 in the Lainey Boggins Mysteries series is in the final editing stages and will be out very soon!

If you’re interested in receiving an advance copy, get in touch!

Get in the mood for some magic!

A few author friends and I have banned together for this anthology of Christmas romances to make you feel all the warm and fuzzies! This collection features six stories of sweet romances AND DOGS is coming November 1, but you can preorder it now.

My story “It Feels Like Home” features Detective Nick DeLuca’s little brother Sam. Why is he in Aurora Heights? And What makes him stay? Find out in this exclusive story.